On Setting Goals

What are your thoughts and feelings toward setting goals? I feel that goal setting is a good motivational tool; however, you shouldn’t place an emotional attachment toward completing a goal. In other words, try not to solely focus on its outcome; enjoy the process and evolution of your goal while striving to attain it.

There are many valuable lessons to learn before a goal can come to fruition. Careful planning and patience are essential. Perseverance and optimism are catalysts as well.

Some goals are short-term and easy to achieve. “Today, I will finish five loads of laundry in the basement.” Others are more daunting and require much willpower, determination, and endurance. “I will obtain a master’s Degree in Business.” 

It’s usually easy to initiate a goal. It is more daunting to achieve it. You might hit a roadblock during the process and want to give up. Don’t give up! Draw your attention toward the associated feelings of achieving your goal. How will it feel once you get that master’s degree? Make that your focus no matter how long it will take.

All goals are attainable if you desire them enough. Sometimes, while achieving a goal, you may want to alter it. Perhaps, in the beginning, the goal served a purpose in your life, then through trial and error, you determined it wasn’t a good fit. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give it up, but instead, alter it to make it more achievable. In other words, recognize how the goal can be modified or reformulated to meet your expectations. There’s always a solution to every perceived problem. 

No matter what, there is no failure in goal setting. Every experience you have in life leads you to the next extraordinary chapter. If your intentions are right-minded and respectful of how they make you feel, you’re on the right path. 

I recall a recent quote from a spiritual teacher. He said, “Right action emerges out of presence, living in the now.” Don’t let anything get you down, especially “failures” in life, such as an unaccomplished goal. 

Beautiful awakenings come out of dark experiences. All will be well if we can expect, accept, and flow with these experiences, like paddling downstream in a river. Resistance to “what is” is synonymous with swimming upstream. It’s an exhausting struggle that will get you nowhere. Set realistic goals and follow the flow, moving you in the right direction.

Published by Frequency Facilitator

Hi, I'm Nettie Vaughan. I work in a large school district as a Transition Coordinator. I've been in the field of special education for over 20 years. My newest endeavor is to bring my skill set to you from a more spiritual perspective as a Frequency Facilitator. On my website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram page, and TikTok channel, it's my hope that I can point you in the right direction to organize your life, create fun habits and raise your vibrational frequency.

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