Who Is Your Master?

The following piece is an excerpt from my book, “Word, From Your Mother,” a daily guidance journal written for my children, Liv and Pierce-Gabriel. 

Excerpt #38

Do you serve a master? Sometimes, people seek one on the physical plane, for example, a teacher, mentor, or spiritual leader, for guidance. When I first heard a follower refer to Paramahasana Yogananda as to her Master, I was a bit confused. Master of what? He, her Master, and she the servant? He, the Master of Yoga or spirituality? I wasn’t quite sure.

I began to think about whether or not one should refer to anyone as their Master on the physical plane. In my opinion, God, Source Energy, the Creator, or however you choose to identify him or her, is Master. And our Divine-self, which is ultimately an attribute of God, is the Master expressing his/her idea through us.

Please don’t ask me what the idea is. I cannot articulate it in words. However, if I had to attempt to, I’d say that the desires we feel are God’s ideas that we express through action on the physical plane. I translate the “idea” as to love and serve one another. In other words, this would be the outcome of any case scenario or action—the final resulting in peace on Earth.

I suggest reading the book by Joseph Brenner titled, The Impersonal Life to grasp what I’m trying to say. I have read this book repeatedly as I feel that the message is essential and of God. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read. Each time I read it, I gain understanding and realization.

The short and skinny of it is to KNOW that there is only one Source and one Master. And, WE, all of us, represent a single attribute of the Master, Creator, or God as it were. Suppose we are all one, an embodiment of God, each a singular cell or characteristic of the Creator. In that case, there is nothing that we do that the true Master does not direct. Our minds and intellect have no say in the matter except for free will choice to follow along swimmingly or not.

We’ve fabricated a bit of a mess through our free will choices if you look at humanity as a collective. As you know, I’ve chosen not to entertain those who contribute negativity to the collective consciousness. However, I remain optimistic because here’s the thing. We can change the motions and pathways of our free will choices. We don’t have to choose what doesn’t serve us. On the contrary, if we choose to wake up and KNOW that we all benefit from every positive thought and every right action, we could change the world.

The most aware among us are choosing to take steps in bringing to light human consciousness and awareness to help guide others towards the light. Here is where we will all flourish, as I believe it is part of the Master’s plan. The idea must be to turn away from our “selves” finally and turn to the Creator, the true Master; this would mean to put complete trust in him/her, which is ultimately US.

Published by Frequency Facilitator

Hi, I'm Nettie Vaughan. I work in a large school district as a Transition Coordinator. I've been in the field of special education for over 20 years. My newest endeavor is to bring my skill set to you from a more spiritual perspective as a Frequency Facilitator. On my website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram page, and TikTok channel, it's my hope that I can point you in the right direction to organize your life, create fun habits and raise your vibrational frequency.

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